something 8Bit is coming _

Every few days a new badge will be opened and with it a small piece of a magical story will be revealed. It is a story about a fantasy world where you can obtain some fabulous wealth. Once the 10th badge is open, this fantasy world will be publicly open for everyone to discover.
  1. In a fantasy crypto world a race of dwarfs is mining crystals and precious metals and process them into a magical fuel called crypterium Now you have access to the first golden badge. Once the 10th badge is open you will be granted access to our fantasy world where you'll be able to earn cryptocoins.

    There are 9 badges left until opening of the fantasy crypto world.

  2. Before crypterium reaches the processing factory it is pumped to the depot where it is stored in tanks. For each 500 barrels of crypterium obtained from the raw materials dwarfs receive significant bonuses. The more tanks they fill, the more bonuses they are given.

    There are 8 badges left until the opening of the fantasy crypto world.

  3. Each new tank is twice the size of the previous one. The next tank is unlocked once the current tank is at least 50% full. The number of unlocked tanks affects overall dwarfs' rating.

    There are 7 badges left until the opening of the fantasy crypto world.

  4. All dwarfs' activity is rewarded with unlocking different achievements and various badges. To get the most precious badges one must unlock many crypterium tanks, pump lots of crypterium through the depot and engage in promotion of our fantasy crypto world.

    There are 6 badges left until the opening of the fantasy crypto world.

  5. Personal involvment into the development of the crypto world along with building personal affiliate structure and completing tasks is rewarded with cryptocoins and precious badges.

    There are 5 badges left until the opening of the fantasy crypto world.

  6. As crypterium gets processed at the factory, it is divided into two products: ultrastrong diamonds called ETI and refined oil called SI. In addition, crypterium is used as a fuel that powers various mechanisms, robots and mining machinery.

    There are 4 badges left until the opening of the fantasy crypto world.

  7. Obtained ultrastrong diamonds along with the rewards can be multiplied by storing them in special profit-making mines and magical mechanisms. There are many types of mines and mechanisms, each with its own bonuses and requirements.

    There are 3 badges left until the opening of the fantasy crypto world.

  8. Collect lamps and gears for building robots and projectors that may grant access to the more advanced levels. Clearing these levels results in more rewards and badges.

    There are 2 badges left until the opening of the fantasy crypto world.

  9. Gather into groups, invite other participant and build strong teams. A powerful community can obtain more crypterium as well as protect and multiply its assets.

    There are 1 badge left until the opening of the fantasy crypto world.

  10. This is it! The 10th badge is open! Welcome to the fantasy world of crypterium! All participants who have registered in the channel prior to the opening of 10th badge will be given random gifts of $0.1 to $1000. To get your gift follow the guide in the top pf the page.

    Fantasy crypto world is now open.


What will I get for a preliminary registration?
Once the project is launched you will automatically receive:

  1. An instant gift of $0.1 to $1000
  2. Higher position in global rating among all our users
  3. Fixed Investment Bonuses for Topping-Up existing packages
  4. Magic Fruits*
  5. A Free Inclusion in our raffle.

Attention! All these gifts will be given to all users who have joined our Telegram channel before the last badge was revealed. Hurry up!



How to get a guaranteed money reward?

  1. Subscribe to our Telegram channel
  2. Await the grand opening of the program and register in it via Telegram using the same Telegram account you used for subscribing to our channel
  3. Get rewarded with prizes from $0.1 to $1000

Please note:

  • You must use your real IP-address(no Tor/Proxy/VPN allowed)
  • You must use your real email address(no disposable emails allowed)


Wanna know what's coming?

  • Free Coins Giveaway
  • Long-Term Saving System
  • Piggy-bank Type Savings
  • Trust Management
  • Mobile application based ecosystem
  • Advanced Achievements and Enticement Algorithm
  • Generous Affiliate Offer